Welcome to the official homepage of the 7th INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society Workshop! The workshop will take place July 15-July 18, 2019 at the University of Vienna's Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics. The overall theme will be:

Transportation in the sharing economy

Sharing economy refers to collaborative consumption. It is typically organized through platforms that facilitate the exchange of goods or services. Given an increasing pressure to act economically and ecologically efficient, mechanisms that can be used to benefit from idle capacities are on the rise. Both transportation companies and heavy users of transportation services need to learn how to play in a  world  of shared idle capacities. We anticipate talks on various types of collaborations, crowd delivery, car-sharing, car-pooling, ride-sharing, etc. We will welcome contributions that address modeling, methodological or game theoretical aspects. Possible topics (though not limited to) are:

•    Collaborative and cooperative transportation
•    Crowd shipping or sourcing
•    Car, bike or ride sharing
•    Car and bike repositioning
•    Car pooling
•    Intermodal and multimodal transportation
•    Synchromodality and the physical internet
•    Business model developments in the sharing economy
•    Shared mobility services